"The Landing" Over life-size Bronze Sculpture of Canadian Geese by Edd Hayes fine bronze sculptor


State Capitol,
Austin, Texas...........

Texas sculptor, Edd Hayes has recieved the honor of being named by The Texas Legislature as The Official Texas State Sculptor. The honor was bestowed, based on the scope of the artist's total work along with attention to his portrayal of the history and rich heritage of Texas. Other factors include the artists' involvement with community , civic and charitable organizations. Hayes is best known for his monumental sculpture such as "Wild and Free" at the Houston Astrodome and "The Champ" in front of The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado.

"The Landing" Over life-size Bronze Sculpture of Canadian Geese
by Edd Hayes fine bronze sculptor

Edd Hayes bronze sculpture of Canadian Geese
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The Landing
14 ft. tall bronze sculpture
4 Geese over 8 foot wingspan
City of Katy, Texas

"The Landing", a 14 ft. tall bronze sculpture depicting four over life-size, 8 ft wingspan, Canadian Geese landing with one goose grazing on the ground. The sculpture is at the east gateway into the City of Katy off Interstate 10. Landscaping by BIO Landscape Company, Houston, Texas.

Edd Hayes bronze sculpture of Canadian Geese
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Edd Hayes bronze sculpture of Canadian Geese

"THE LANDING" - Using water drawn from the Katy Rice Water Well, a host of community officials formally dedicated "The Landing," a special bronze sculpture of five Canadian geese marking the east gateway to the city.
The sculpture features four large Canadian geese in flight and one grazing in a landscaped representation of the Katy Prairie Representatives from Keep Katy Beautiful, the City of Katy, the Texas Department of Transportation and Bio Landscaping joined sculptor Edd Hayes in christening "The Landing" with water taken from the Katy Rice Water Well. Project coordinator Kay Callendar praised the assistance Keep Katy Beautiful received from the city in preparing the site, as well as in supporting KKB programs and projects designed to improve the community. "We’re so fortunate to have a city that cares about how we look and supports our efforts," Callendar said. She also noted the location at U.S. Hwy. 90 and Katy Mills Drive reflected the city’s history, with the sculpture of the geese framed by the Katy Railroad and a line of large rice dryers.

"We’re also fortunate to have this project in the City of Katy. It’s the first one of this level in the State of Texas," Callendar said. For his part, sculptor Hayes called the bronze "a real challenging project" but was "a great honor and a lot of fun to do this project." Hayes also recalled a special moment when the sculpture was first being installed in May. As workmen were maneuvering the artwork into place, a lone goose circled overhead, watching the activity.

"Maybe that was a good omen," he said.

Mayor Don Elder, representing the city council, read a proclamation praising the work of Keep Katy Beautiful and all the others involved in the project. He also said the sculpture brought back warm memories to Katy natives like himself. "We lived and breathed rice farming, ranching and hunting geese, so this means a lot to us," Elder said. "This is a wonderful tribute to the City of Katy."

Other city council members on hand for the dedication were Mayor Pro-Tem Hank Schmidt and council members Carol Adams and Bill Lawton. Also present were former mayor Doyle Callendar, former council members Donald Rao, Kenneth Berger and Steve Pierson. Pierson is also the current president of the Katy Heritage Society.

Also taking part in the ceremony were Keep Katy Beautiful board members, City Administrator Johnny Nelson, Police Chief Bill Hastings, Public Works Director Elaine Lutringer, Municipal Court Clerk Elaine Brown, Katy EDC President/CEO Lance LaCour and representatives from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Additionally, Anne Cunic with Keep Texas Beautiful traveled from Austin to be present for the dedication. Sponsored by Keep Katy Beautiful, "The Landing" has been four years in the planning process. The organization worked with landscape architects, the artist and TxDOT to create a special gateway designed to reflect the history and character of Katy.

The project was funded through Keep Texas Beautiful by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The sculpture replaced a "Welcome to Katy" sign that previously marked the intersection. That sign was relocated to Katy City Park at the corner of Avenue D and Franz Road.

Edd Hayes bronze sculpture of Canadian Geese

Edd Hayes bronze sculpture of Canadian Geese Katy, Texas

"Creative versatility"

"Creative versatility"
best describes this internationally collected master of the sculpted form. A specialist in the planning, design, creation and installation of Life-size and Monumental bronze sculpture.

fine bronze sculpture by Edd Hayes bronze sculptor

Life is full of storms. They may be in the form of a great challenge or an unexpected hardship, many times they can be almost more than we can bear, even life-threatening. This is when the human spirit calls on us to fight back, push on, and you will overcome. Never, never, never give up, no matter how great the odds against you, press on, persevere, you can win, you can weather the storm.

Edd Hayes